Saudi Jawahir Trading Company Elevate its Identity

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The Saudi Jawahir Trading Company elevated its identity by changing the logo, where it embodies innovation and renovation in alignment with the Saudi 2030 vision.

The Arabic letter S in the logo has three firm lines in which represents and stands for the three primary divisions in the company: jewelry, fashion, and beauty. We chose the Arabic letter J in classic Arabic to represent the authentic Arabian roots. Both letters are combined to create a strong and artistic pattern.

The new logo was inspired and developed in type with a gap between its lettering, representing the brand as a company that was created to fill in the expansive moments in its client's lifestyle. With its rounded corners and bold beginning to its elegant finish, it portrays an essence of luxury and measured perfection. In its briefest of terms, Saudi Jawahir is the brand that will grace its audience with that desired moment of opulence. And it reflects our continuous and contemporary journey. As we are exceeding to excel in guaranteeing an exceptional and authentic shopping experience.