Brand Building

Brand building is one of the cornerstones of our expertise. We endeavor to preserve our brands’ image and interest through:

  • Regular product launches
  • Targeted expansion within Saudi Arabia
  • Image building point of sales visibility, advertising and associations

Brand Focus

We focus on each brand with a team of experts in their respective fields; we apply their strong branding values of exclusivity and differentiation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s retail space.

Buying & Merchandising

Our buyers look after each brand and the different product groups within each brand. They spend time out of the office, forming and maintaining important relationships with each brand that is allocated to them. Supporting our buyers compromises of a team of assistants and administrators who are office-based.

Our merchandisers are responsible of the performance of stock, analyzing trends and dealing with figures. They support the buyers and make sure that they’re making informed decisions when it comes to stock.


Our marketing covers everything to do with promoting to the target audience, from developing captivating advertising campaigns to exploring new and sophisticated digital marketing techniques. Our team’s success depends on having an expert understanding of our customers’ tastes and aspirations and knowing how to put across persuasive messages that will be listened to. Our work is heavily creative in nature and involves working extensively with external advertising agencies. We aim at developing advertising strategies that leverage brands within:

  • Global awareness in trend-setting areas and cities
  • Local awareness in cooperation with key Top Pan Arab Media Companies

Supply Chain Infrastructure

We set-up a ‘regional hub’ supply chain to ensure quick access to different regions and subsequently, to generate increased growth. We guarantee an efficient supply chain; short lead times and excellent customer service.

Visual Merchandising

The visual and creative team leads the way to applying the creative concepts of brands while following the brands’ guidelines and keeping the brands informed via pictures and other communication means.

Customer Services

Our high level of experience helps us provide time to verify customer satisfaction and purchase experience through our contact with brand companies and our interest in our customers even after the purchase is completed.


From our financial professionals to our buyers and merchandisers, marketing and display teams, everyone working behind-the-scenes share the same goal – to create an extraordinary, inspiring and captivating experience. Saudi Jawahir has over 400 employees from all around the world who are highly trained to the highest international standards, and act as trusted advisors to the brands.