Saudi Jawahir Opens the Newest Avanti Boutique at Centria Mall

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Saudi Jawahir happily announces the opening of Avanti newest boutique at Centria Mall on the 21st of June, 2020. Centria Mall houses most of the world designers under one roof while providing the ultimate and most exquisite luxurious shopping experience, for the elite who are the local fashion trend setters. It is the destination for anyone looking for the best international high-end brands.

Avanti launched in 2005 as Riyadh’s first high fashion multi-brand concept, which is known as the ultimate fashion and lifestyle destination in Saudi Arabia. It houses some of the world’s most coveted designers from around the globe. Avanti brand is renowned for personalized service, exclusivity and luxury. Also for unique shopping experience for luxury shoppers with high standard of service and product offering.

Saudi Jawahir hosts a remarkable portfolio of some of the world’s finest luxury brands in fashion.

Our primary goal is to deliver the outstanding experience of what the Saudi consumer desires. Internally, the company proves to be committed to their customers, by providing anticipated results and striving for the highest quality.

For opening times and store locations, please visit the Avanti brand page.