Saudi Jawahir Opens Love Moschino Boutique in Riyadh

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On October 17th, Saudi Jawahir opened the first Love Moschino boutique in AlNakheel Mall. Launched in

2008, Love Moschino is the playful, chic subsidiary brand of the renowned Italian fashion house Moschino

which was originally founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino. The brand plays on a vibrant line meant to

cater to people who are not afraid to defy conventional dress codes. Offering a wardrobe for both women

and men.

Saudi Jawahir hosts a remarkable portfolio of some of the world’s finest luxury brands in fashion.

Its primary goal is to deliver the outstanding experience of what the Saudi consumer desires. Internally,

the company proves to be committed to their customers, by providing anticipated results and striving for

the highest quality.