Saudi Jawahir

Saudi Jawahir Opens Laure Boutique in Panorama Mall


Aiming to be the prime destination of beauty, skin products and famous worldwide fragrances, Laure boutique was founded in 2015. Laure’s products selections are handpicked by our experts of fragrance and beauty that aimed us to reach a high level.

Laure boutique opened on Thursday the first of June 2017 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Bloggers and makeup artists were invited; they visited the boutique and announced it’s opening which excited numbers of their followers and beauty enthusiasts. Saudi Jawahir also invited different social media influencers to celebrate the opening of the boutique.

The atmosphere of the boutique is filled with a luxurious vibe with its white and black color. The different luxury brand perfumes smell is all over the boutique air that gives a sensual feeling. During the opening, gift bags were distributed that contained different set of perfumes, makeup samples and custom made Laure gift items.

Laure boutique opened with a space of 350 square meters in Panorama Mall, one of the most prominent features of the city of Riyadh tourist due to its unique of engineering design and the uniqueness of panoramic view of its façade, which overlooks the intersection of Takhasosi and Tahlia Street. The mall includes the finest international brands in which vary to suit all tastes by high with various ages.

Saudi Jawahir is aiming to open chain boutiques of Laure all over Saudi Arabia. Starting from AlKhayyat shopping Center and Centria Mall it is now open in Panorama Mall.