Saudi Jawahir Opens Laure Boutique in Mall of Arabia

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Saudi Jawahir is pleased to announce the launch of Laure Boutique in Mall of Arabia, Jeddah, on August 2nd, 2018. The Boutique targets visitors who crave a new shopping experience that is one of a kind. This innovative concept was started by Saudi Jawahir in 2015, providing luxury cosmetics and fragrance, and it is mostly focused on luxury brands. It is designed in a beautiful and elegant environment; the marble floors, mirrored walls, and intricate details all come together to satisfy the visitors’ passion for elegance and grace with a space of 558 square meters.

The location of Laure Boutique adds even more significance to it. Mall of Arabia is located on the eastern side of the Medina Road and south of Makkah Road, near the King Abdulaziz International Airport. The mall has an area of 261,000 square meters and it is the perfect destination for a holistic experience, for shopping; as it has the best global brands, family entertainment, and the endless choices of restaurants and cafés.

The unique service of the Saudi consumer and high quality are two things that Saudi Jawahir is proud to provide. Saudi Jawahir is leading in retail business because it grants the Saudi consumer with an unrivaled experience and is looking forward to satisfying its consumers by opening more Laure boutiques. The next opening will be in Red Sea Mall in Jeddah, in the last quarter of 2018.

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