Saudi Jawahir Trading Company

Saudi Jawahir Opens Laure Boutique in Al Nakheel Mall


Saudi Jawahir opens a new branch of Laure boutique on Thursday twenty fifth of January 2017 with an area of 265 square meters in Al Nakheel Mall. The mall considered as one of the most known mall with is simple and easy-vision composed line on the ground floor of more than 200 stores of the world’s most important and well-known brands and most famous cafes, retail stores.

Aiming to be the prime destination of beauty, skin products and famous worldwide fragrances, Laure boutique was founded in 2015. Laure’s products selections are handpicked by our experts of fragrance and beauty that aimed us to reach a high level.

The atmosphere of the boutique is identified with a welcoming view filled light. The different luxury brand perfumes smell is all over the boutique air that gives a sensual feeling. Laure boutique opened close to the main entrance for walk ins. customized giveaways and catering, cakes and small bites were offered to walk in guests that had different perfume shapes and custom made Laure bites.

Saudi Jawahir is aiming to open chain boutiques of Laure all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company is confident of Laure’s excellent reputation in the marketplace. From Centria Mall it is now open in Panorama Mall, Al Hamra Mall and Al Nakheel Mall.