Saudi Jawahir Trading Company

Saudi Jawahir Opens Its First Laure Boutique in Makkah


Saudi Jawahir, the recognizable premier retailer in the Kingdom, is proudly announcing the opening of its first Laure boutique in Mecca, located at Makkah Mall – King Abdullah Road, with a space of 81 square meters.

In 2015, Laure was founded, and began its journey from Riyadh. Laure’s locations are strategically chosen to create maximum exposure. The boutique is the destination for beauty enthusiasts. Weather the consumer is looking for exclusivity or an excellent product quality, fragrances or makeup and skincare; Laure is certainly the perfect stop.

Saudi Jawahir prides itself on introducing quality environment, brand value, and an astonishing experience to the Saudi consumer. At the company, there is commitment; to their customers and partners, by providing results and striving for the highest quality. The strong reputation Laure has gained motivates the company to keep expanding in different regions in the Kingdom.