Saudi Jawahir Trading Company

Saudi Jawahir Opens Its First Laure Boutique in Al-Taif


Saudi Jawahir is honored to announce the opening of its first Laure boutique in Al-Taif. The new branch is at an excellent location in Al-Juri Mall, with a space of 344 square meters, on Khalid bin Walid Road. The boutique offers a collection of exclusive and international brands for high-end fragrances and cosmetics.

Laure boutique was founded in 2015. Ever since, Laure has been branching out at prime locations in different cities in the Kingdom. Laure’s boutique design is made to provide the luxurious experience the customer desires. Weather the boutique was in Al-Taif or Riyadh, all branch layouts are identical.

Saudi Jawahir is continuously seeking new ways to fulfil the brand promise of value, quality, and an outstanding experience. The enormous success the boutique has established in its branches in Riyadh was an encouragement for the new openings in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia.