Saudi Jawahir Trading Company

Saudi Jawahir opens her beauty and cosmetics boutique


Laure boutique was established in 2015 to be the first choice in beauty, skin products and famous worldwide perfumes that is exclusively sold in the boutique. Laure’s perfume and beauty selection are handpicked by our experts that allowed us to thrive to this level.

Laure opening event was held on Monday the tenth of October 2016 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In a special event that was joyful and light spirited at Laure boutique in Centria Mall, second floor. The mall is categorized as the main destination for Saudi elite women shopping needs. Nearly 200 people attended the opening including makeup artists, Social media bloggers and the boutique costumers.

Saudi Jawahir invited the social media celebrity and makeup lover Miss Ahood AlEnzi to celebrate the boutique opening with the guests whom expressed their joy at the opening ceremony at which outsmarts impression of fun. On the other hand, Miss Ahood took the chance to meet and greet her fans and share makeup and skin care tips. During the event, gift bags were distributed that contained different set of perfumes, make-up and custom made Laure gift items.

Saudi Jawahir is aiming to open chain boutiques of Laure all over Saudi Arabia where the next opening will be in Riyadh Park, one of the newest and biggest shopping malls that targets family gatherings. The mall is expected to open in late 2017.