Saudi Jawahir Trading Company

Saudi Jawahir Opens First Chloe Store in Saudi


April 2014 -­ Saudi Arabia luxury franchise operator Saudi Jawahir after partnering with French luxury fashion retailer Chloe  has announced the opening of its first flagship store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The opening marks a special milestone being the first store in the middle east to be designed and executed according to the new Chloe concept, incorporating a delicate mix of brushed brass trimmings, a striking marble arch, intricate ceiling design and a unique 3D wall feature, all executed in light tones of color which gives the store a very  elegant feminine look.

The store covering over 140 square meters of retails space, houses a dedicated area to merchandise bags, small leather goods and accessories, another area of the store is designed to showcase Ready-to-Wear and shoes lines of the brand. The store also includes a secluded VIP room for the private viewing of brand’s elite customers.

Saudi Jawahir, which currently controls a 34 outlet strong luxury retail portfolio across Saudi Arabia, is delighted to have facilitated the arrival of Chloe to Saudi Arabia and is confident of their excellent reception in the marketplace. “Our own research and experience points to a strong market for the brands offered by Saudi Jawahir,” Badr Al Deghaither, chairman of Saudi Jawahir, said as the partnership was announced. Chloe, too, is hopeful that the union will be highly prosperous.

The store is situated at the ground floor of Centria Mall facing the main entrance. In turn Centria Mall has ascertained itself as the destination for luxury shopping in Riyadh the capital city of Saudi Arabia. The mall boasts of housing a multitude of luxury fashion brands, as well as top line jewelries and life style stores. The mall is also famous for its line of fine dining restaurants.