Saudi Jawahir Trading Company

Saudi Jawahir Redesigns BLUMARINE in Saudi


Sep 2014 -­ Saudi Arabia luxury franchise operator Saudi Jawahir after partnering with Italian luxury fashion retailer Blumarine has announced the Redesign of its store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Blumarine continues to increase its presence around the world with the opening of newly redesigned Blumarine boutique in the Saudi capital. The store, with one main entrance, echo’s the new concept of Blumarine monobrand stores around the world. The space dedicated to Blumarine occupies one level for a total of 220 square meters and offers a chic and sophisticated ambiance with a strong focus on carefully crafted details. A wall with glass tiles produced by a Venetian craft technique and backlit by LEDs creates a play of lights with a cascade effect. A VIP area has also been created with elegant and recherché fittings. The flooring in white marble and the panels, again in white, with gloss steel frames. The clean lines and transparent materials reference the label’s classic youthfulness aesthetic to create a stylish and lively atmosphere.

The store is situated at the second floor of Centria Mall right of the escalators. In turn Centria Mall has ascertained itself as the destination for luxury shopping in Riyadh the capital city of Saudi Arabia. The mall boasts of housing a multitude of luxury fashion brands, as well as top line jewelries and life style stores. The mall is also famous for its line of fine dining restaurants.