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Autumn Winter 2020 Women’s “Cultured Glamour”


For Autumn/Winter 2020, Jimmy Choo celebrates the universality of beauty in the twenty-first century with a collection that seamlessly melds together global influences in a bold voyage through style. It is a collection inspired by the notion of bringing cultures together, not pushing them apart.

“Glamour must be cultured - fed by art and aesthetics and in turn reflecting them. It is something universally prized, almost magically created - like a pearl. This season, I was thinking about preciousness, about refinement and elevation, about paying attention to details. Creating something beautiful, artful and considered. Something designed to last.”

Sandra Choi

The collection’s twin muses are Talitha Getty and Tina Chow, both of whom crossed cultures fearlessly, ever-curious, they drew inspirations from different backgrounds weaving them together. They share the spirit of the modern Jimmy Choo heroine, whose appetite for life inspires through style, celebrating and championing opposing cultural spheres, reflective of a modern society, a blending of ideas without any creative boundaries.

Accordingly stylistic references roam, with references borrowed from the notion of travelling; through cultures and times. The result is an eclectic collection of shoes and accessories that fuse different approaches and aesthetics.

Patchwork is an artisanal reflection of cultural fusion: here, it is explored in graphic contrasts of embossed snake and calf leather in the MARCELA pump, MARCEL mule, MARCELIN and MABYN boots. The sharp, asymmetric square toe - a new silhouette that dominates - is a visual echo of the facets of the Jimmy Choo jewel, and each is balanced on the new wardrobe of sculptural heels - the ‘Kick’, the ‘Scoop’, and the ‘V’ heel which are introduced for Autumn/Winter 2020.

These reflect a strong, bold glamour - a different facet of femininity for today, with silhouettes and striking heels as graphic as Chinese calligraphy. The BETHA blurs the line between shoes and jewellery, with a delicate chain strap that adorns the ankle. Embellishment is taken further: the MELE ankle-boot features a Western heel seemingly carved from mother-of-pearl juxtaposing the

precious and the practical, allowing every step to feel special.

Symbolic of purity, loyalty and wisdom pearls are a powerful leitmotif of the collection, used as studding, embroideries and embellishment. Pearls of wisdom, cultured pearls: they epitomise the creative approach. They are literally present on streamlined, sports-influenced shapes - pearls and jewels are embroidered on the evening KENDRIX ankle boot, jewel embroideries of motifs drawn from the “Toile de Choo” pattern also emblazon the SABER sock-boot balanced atop a mother of pearl kick heel. They are also translated to three-dimensional brooch like embroideries on the delicate lace on the LORRE evening ankle boot and the LUCELE sandal.

The collections hero print, “Toile de Choo” draws inspiration from the illustrative stories of Japanese Emakimono scrolls and French Toile de Jouy. The signature pattern fuses different cultural and artistic elements including the JC logo, printed on technical silk and woven into jacquard. Inspired by the Silk Route that exchanged riches between East and West in antiquity, the “Toile de Choo” is presented in a delicate porcelain blue fabric.

Throughout, there is an elegant tone - a notion of dressing up, not down. That translates from evening styles to sports, from high-octane to casual ease, from occasion to everyday. The ESHE FLAT utility boot is newly-offered in snake-embossed leather; a wave of mini studs decorate the MAVA flat ankle-boot, making the tough newly delicate and ornate. The DIAMONDX sneaker reflects the theme of refinement, in platinum-hued mirror leather and nappa. The soft KATO trainer is proposed in a high-top version in nylon, suede and satin, in black and white.

Always synonymous with gems, Jimmy Choo accessories are equally covetable. The BON BON - the house jewel - is a canvas for decorative exploration, a new modern evening proposal. Like its name, it is sweet and deliciously irresistible, in chandelier fringe, floral laces of theatre velvet and myriad colourways. The CALLIE is also remixed in multiple materials and colours, embellished with pearl tassels and embroideries. The VARENNE family expands again: mini-bowling bags are like objets d’art - exquisite, tiny playthings with an irreverent scale contrasting their classic silhouette. .. The MADELEINE is now offered as a satchel, its emphatic, faceted-C in polished silver or studded with pearls.

Every silhouette and surface speaks of refinement and every detail elevates.