Zadig & Voltaire opening in Red Sea Mall, Jeddah.

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Saudi Jawahir Trading company opened the latest showroom of its French brand “Zadig & Voltaire” in Jeddah, located at “Red Sea Mall”, that also coincided with Zadig & Voltaire’s Café Cart that was available in the city.

The brand, which was founded in 1997, is characterized by its redefinition of the essence of luxury, making it suitable for the new generation, far from the dictates and rules of traditional luxury, creative director Cecilia Bonström creates looks that combine sophistication and indifference, its silhouettes are modern and classic at once. The brand's spirit is youthful, as it encourages its community to take pride in uniqueness.

Saudi Jawahir Trading company has a remarkable portfolio with some of the world’s finest luxury fashion brands. Its primary goal is to deliver an outstanding experience to answer the needs of the Saudi consumer. The company proves to be committed to their customers by providing anticipated results and striving for the highest quality.

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