Saudi Jawahir Trading Company

Saudi Jawahir Opens Il Puro in Kingdom Centre

Saudi Jawahir is happy and proud to announce the opening of Il Puro on the 8-3-2019 in Kingdom Centre. Il Puro, an Italian origin word for purity, a concept store free from negativity and a place for good and pure atmosphere only. Stripped to its core, an emotion is the cause of all effect. Introducing […]

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Saudi Jawahir Opens Red Valentino in Al Nakheel Mall

Saudi Jawahir is happy to announce the opening of Red Valentino boutique on Thursday 30/01/2019 at Al Nakheel Mall. The Red Valentino girl is a strong yet delicate young woman, who is naturally mischievous and confident, who dares to dream and rebels to common rules. She believes in prettiness, in being unconventional, smart and self-reliant. […]

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Saudi Jawahir Opens Twin-Set in Riyadh Park

Saudi Jawahir is delighted to announce the opening of Twin-Set boutique on Thursday, 30/01/2019 at Riyadh Park. Twin-Set is a brand concerning with two words, a harmonious combination, a winning binomial. In the name of its brand, Twin-Set reveals its origins, its present and its future paths. Starting from the transverse spirit of this iconic […]

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